Monday, September 24, 2012

Four months...

Since we brought you home from the hospital, our tiny five pound fiver who was still ten days pre-due date.
The last 48 hours have been horrible, thanks to some bread with more milk solids than the label disclosed, but my whole avoidance of dairy and soy is becoming second nature. How could it not, when an accident like this triggers two days of miserable refluxing and not very much sleep for either of us?
The only way to get through today was to bottle-feed you "safe" milk from the freezer while I expressed and you watched me accusingly. Trust your father to be out of the country ;)
You're rolling onto your side now, grinning maniacally and gumming away at your little fists like a whole set of teeth might appear any second. Th sweetest times are scooping you out f your bed into mine and falling half asleep while you feed, spooned in the crook of my arm. Teaspoon is your new nickname, by the way.
In the bath you kick ecstatically, watching your feet intently. I just put away most of your 000 clothes, as your long legs started to push out the toes. Cloth nappies don't help either; in your wondersuits you look like a skinny teletubby!
Serious little moppet, you're taking everything in and growing up... Well, not too fast yet. I can feel every day accelerating just a fraction of a second, and I know that when I look back again this whole sweet time will have been over before I blinked.

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