Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pay it forward.

It feels SO good when something goes right. I was presented with an opportunity to do a nice thing for some people last week, and with a bit of craftiness and planning today my sneaky, sneaky plan came to fruition. I just got the message that lets me know I pulled it off and I'm sitting in front of my computer talking to Audrey (we have some LOVELY conversations now) and grinning like a maniac.

You know that load of bull we're all fed as kids that it feels better to give than to receive? I say load of bull because when you're a self-centred five-year-old or a monumentally self-centred twelve-year-old it IS a load of bull.... however, as a very grown-up-twenty-nine-year-old (sh! I can dream...) I can say it really does feel better. It feels DAMN good. And it's kind of addictive. I'm going to go see what other nice thing I can do today. Pay it forward, share the love, spread the karma, whatever. Just do something nice for someone else today.

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  1. A handout we were given recently on "the 10 secrets to happiness" listed this as one of the best things to do to feel good. I'm a strong believer!


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