Sunday, October 21, 2012

Five months.

Dear Audrey,
Tomorrow you are five months old. You wear 00 most of the time now, size medium Bambooty nappies, and on warm days we've even cracked open the Huggalugs and you examine your toes with great interest. I am doing my best to stay clear of dairy, gluten and soy. It's easily as difficult as it sounds. For four of the last five weeks your dad has been overseas and you're not adjusting well to the change. After three weeks away you pouted and cried, and took several days to warm up to him again. Then he had to go on trip number two. Tonight is not going so well. At 9.38 you are still an awake baby, and I am still a tired mommy. Your dad is fantastic at cooking (even with the new totally restricted options) but he doesn't really 'get' that this adjustment period has been just as unfun each time he's gone and returned over the last month, and you don't want to settle for this stranger who happens to be in your room tonight. Fair enough, I feel. Let's hope tomorrow (kicking off with porridge and rice milk like always, progressing to almond/apple/sweet potato muffins and then onto a bland vegie soup for lunch) is a better day.

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