Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A new use for bathroom sinks.

Friday and a visit to the GP. By the time we'd sat in the waiting room for half an hour, I'd drained my 1L water bottle. Feeding, heating, whatever. I was thirsty. Of course, on the way out (baby in arms) I desperately needed the little girls room. Except there's no provision for REALLY little girls. Like, no change-table or funky wall-unit that folds out into said change-table. By the time I realised that, I was committed. You know, when you open the door, your bladder heaves a sigh of relief... there is NO going back from that moment. Thankfully, there was paper towel. Grab, wipe, spread blanket, VOILA!

That's correct. She didn't even wake up. Oh YEAH. 

Today I went back to work. More accurately, it came back to me. That's what happens when you largely work from home. I realised I hadn't swept the back paving where students traipse in ... oh, eight weeks? Term Two was still dumped in a pile on various seats; sheet music for one student, a couple of trophies remaindered from the last concert, paddle pop sticks and props from last group lesson... all the "Oh yeah, I have two weeks to  - OK, that just turned into two days."
She's eight weeks old tomorrow.

Still refluxy, now deciding she REALLY hates sleeping on her back, starting to fill out 000 nicely; and with fingernails that grow faster than a chemo patient's.
Teaching with a baby strapped to one's front is a little weird. Weirder still was picking up my violin to tune it and feeling like I'd forgotten how to handle my bow; the length of it felt ridiculous (to the point I double-checked I had MY bow and not some random cello/oversize thing. Hm. Brain doing VERY odd things.)
The best part: She completely slept through it. I can play (and the sound is resonating maybe four inches above her head) and get NO RESPONSE. Given that babies will react to dissonance, I'm taking that as a compliment. I'm also planning to keep playing repertoire cds while she sleeps in the hope of conditioning her to sleep through her own music lessons one day. (Damn!) On the bright side, she will always be able to sleep on flights, church services and really good orchestral concerts. I have been known to become dangerously relaxed at beautiful concerts.

Off topic (or rather, related to conditioning) I had a Suzuki friend (now violinist of a successful piano trio) whose potty played Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star every time she sat down to... tinkle. Guess who used to run offstage halfway through the Twinkle theme every concert. (Dastardly potties.)

Tomorrow: More work. And ballet. Tempted to wear her at class but I don't think that would do good things for my centre of balance.

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