Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Punctuality: the new black.

I can't put this on facebook directly because my ass will get completely kicked, but for the love of all things divine, is punctuality really that hard? As in, imagine you have a standing commitment. same day, same place, same TIME every week. You collect your child from point A every week and said standing commitment takes place at point B. Allowing for bogeyman traffic lights (you know those journeys where you get EVERY SINGLE SET), broken-down cars, and roadworks (basically, everything short of your own car breaking down or running out of fuel. If you need help keeping the fuel gauge above zero in your own car you're well beyond redemption), time the journey from A to B. If it exceeds allowable constraints (school finishes at point A at 3.30, commitment begins at point B at 4.30, therefore you have sixty minutes in between), reschedule B. Do not turn up late to B every week. B will crack the sads and rant about you on her blog. 

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