Monday, July 2, 2012

So I went and got myself this sweet little Blog with Integrity button. Let's face it, the odds of me ever being paid to write about anything on this page are minuscule, but just in case Johnson&Johnson turn up with a crazy sweet sponsorship deal, I will tell you if their products cause leprosy. There are a ton of moms out there reviewing everything from modern cloth nappies (argh, that would be a fabulous deal, not even having to buy the damn things ONCE) to wall decals (because every mommy has time to stuff about with enormous sheaves of brightly coloured contact). I will not be one of them. In case you've not noticed, I lack the requisite tones of sycophancy. (I also have a predilection for words of many syllables. I don't think the ad agencies really go for that kind of thing.)
In fact, I'm probably more of a complainer.
This particular ebay seller is a great case in point. A few weeks back I ordered (and paid for) a set of custom 'topping' for the bugaboo. Basically this is the domain of those with too much time on their hands who think switching seat, canopy and bassinet fabric to co-ordinate with their outfit is the be-all and end-all.
Except I (oh, of COURSE) actually bought it to be different. It's this funky great damask print, very wallpaper-y (so much so the whole pram would blend into the wall very nicely) which won't match a single item of clothing in my wardrobe but which will differentiate MY bugaboo from the four gazillion others. Except the damn set has still not arrived. I feel like ringing the seller up and screaming "You do realise I only have four months left where she'll even FIT INTO the damn bassinet?!" but given that she had six boys before getting her little girl (her words, not mine) I'd feel a little guilty. I've already sent a tactfully worded "Just let me know when you pop it in the mail so I can keep an eye out for it!" email... How do I get my stuff?

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