Wednesday, July 18, 2012

off to work we go...

So far, not too bad...
I went back to work two weeks ago. (Then we went to Queensland for a week.) I've just finished week 2 of working with baby.
It was a bit scary.
Mostly because I was accompanied by my small floppy helpless creature with a tendency to vomit down the front of my top (cursed cleavage!) and demand feeding at inconvenient moments (like when juggling my own violin and that of a four-year-old.

Somehow I've managed to sneakily manipulate our mornings so that Audrey's nearly always sleeping when I need my brain to function in teacher mode, and nine months of having a violin played in close proximity have conditioned her to tolerate music of epic volume and duration. I don't presume this compatibility with my teaching life will last, but it's nice to have her snuggled close for now.
There are dragons on this wrap. Cutest motif ever: parent dragons with a baby between them. Given that this IS the year of the dragon I thought it was fitting. And if you think it's pink, you're wrong. It's only pink on ONE side. Therefore only half pink. Take that. 
Next goal: a really good back carry (or ruck). There's only so long she's going to fit with her skull tucked under the level of my violin.  

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